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A Big Thank You To All Our Sponsors

We are very grateful to all our sponsors both external and internal. Without your support Fowlis Easter Hall would not exist, nor be maintained in good repair. A list of external funding received to date for the new hall, opened in 2002, follows.

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External Funding Received - Original build

Planning and the search for funding for the new hall began in 1998 and the hall was opened in 2002. An outstanding piece of architecture designed by Ian Dunsire of Battledown Studios based on pictures by McIntosh Patrick. The architecture reflects the hay stacks of yesteryear. In total the new hall cost £400,437.24 to design and build. We are grateful to the following organisations and people for providing the funding and land,

Source Amount £

Sandy Inverarity CBE

image LogoNationalLotteryUK_491_70.jpg is missing 170,000.00
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formerly the Scottish Executive
image LogoAngusCouncil_491_70.jpg is missing 50,000.00
Fowlis & Liff Community

Local Trusts:

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The Hugh Fraser Foundation

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External Funding Received - Since the new hall was opened in 2002

Our thanks to following organisations and grant schemes that have provided additional financial support since the new hall was opened in 2002.

Source Grant Amount £
image LogoWREN.PNG is missing 2018 - Lighting Grant
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2016 - Flood Relief Grant towards the cost of installing new flood defences against the burn overflowing. The Hall committee would also like to express their sincere thanks to all those in the community that provided help to protect the hall during the January floods and to Sandy Inverarity CBE for setting aside more land, adjacent to the hall, for the construction of a permanent flood relief ditch. 1,500.00
image LogoAngusCouncil_491_70.jpg is missing 2015 - Community Grant Scheme to cover the cost of installing low energy lighting to illuminate emergency exits and the car park. 980.58
image LogoAngusCouncil_491_70.jpg is missing 2008 - Awards For All towards the cost of replacing the hardwood floor in the main hall. 7,500.00

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