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Dance devised by Mary Cant to celebrate the opening of the new Fowlis Easter Hall in south-west Angus on June 22nd 2002.

The hall was designed by Iain Dunsire of Battledown Studio, Forgandenny, Perthshire, taking inspiration from paintings of Angus stackyards by the eminent landscape artist James McIntosh Patrick.

The formations in the dance reflect the architecture of the building. The wheels represent the round stacks of corn; the chase represents the passageways outside the main hall; the reel of four represents weaving in and out of the various rooms; and the dance finishes with a celebratory circle representing the main hall, comprised of the two largest stacks.

Dancers: Jim McNicol and Joanne Reid, Bruce Marshall and Christine Cant; Bill and Mary Cant, and David and Morag Dorward.
Musicians: Jim Lindsay (accordion), Gillian Ramsay (fiddle), and Graham Sherrit (drums).
Tunes: The New Fowlis Hall (Jim Lindsay); The Spider's Web (Bill Cook); Davie's Brae (Jim Johnstone); and Hoddum House (Traditional).
Video recorder: Malcolm Buckney.

Dance crib and diagram

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